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natco bremen NATCO GmbH Internationale Spedition
Am Speicher XI 6
DE–28217 Bremen
Fon +49 421 38 666 – 0

natco bremen
natco bremen


Company address

NATCO GmbH Internationale Spedition, Am Speicher XI 6, DE–28217 Bremen / Germany
Tel. +49 421 38 666 – 0
Managing Director: Christian Hager

Register of Commerce: HRB 12887
VAT ID No. DE 114 424 101
Tax No. : 460/124/05179
Place of Business and Jurisdiction: Bremen, Germany

Responsible for the content

Christian Hager, NATCO GmbH Internationale Spedition, Am Speicher XI 6, DE–28217 Bremen


We operate exclusively in accordance with the latest version of the Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen - ADSp - (German Freight Forwarders' General Terms and Conditions). We draw your attention to paragraph 23 of ADSp - limited liability - which is partially lower than legal liability. The parties agree subsidiary, that (1) clause 27 ADSp does neither extend the liability nor the responsibility of the forwarder for agents, servants, employees or crewmembers beyond legal regulations as Art. 507 HGB, Art. 25 MÜ, Art. 36 CIM, Art. 20, 21 CMNI for the benefit of the principal, (2) the freight forwarder as a sea carrier is only liable for fault of his own part in case of risks provided in Art. 512 paragraph 2 no.1 HGB such as default in navigation of the ship or fire on board and (3) the freight forwarder as a carrier defined in CMNI is relieved of liability in compliance with the requirements provided in Art. 25 paragraph 2 CMNI such as default in navigation of the ship, fire on board or defects of vessel. The ADSp can be downloaded from our webpage / alternatively the webpage of DSLV. Forwarding insurance covered by Atermann König & Pavenstedt GmbH & Co.KG. Transport insurance covered by written order only. Place of business and jurisdiction: Bremen - Commercial Register Bremen: HRB 12887.